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Fingerprint Door Locks for a Secure Building

fingerprint door locksWe have all seen movies in which some super secret agent goes to a building, presses a couple of numbers, and then place their thumb on a sensor and voila, the door unlocks and opens on its hinges!  While the character and the setting might be fake the technology is most definitely real.  Fingerprint door locks do exist and can be used to lock and unlock a building’s doors.

What makes these locks more secure than normal key access doors is that fingerprint door locks are set to only accept fingerprints.  And unlike metal keys, fingerprints are impossible to duplicate.  You need a living person with the correct finger to open a door that is locked using this device.  With typical doors, you have to go well out of your way to get keys duplicated and the more people who has access to that key the less security that door affords you.  With fingerprint technology, you have an easier way to allow or disallow access to certain individuals and you do not have to worry about losing control over access privileges.  And, you never have to worry about losing your key; you always have it on you!

Fingerprint locks are the wave of the future and the best options to securing doors to places that need to be protected.


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