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Spotlight on Software: TCMS V2

fingasaFingerTec USA is the leading designer of biometric time clocks and advanced access control technology, leveraging the latest innovations in security systems to provide a cost-effective and powerful personnel solution. The company is best known for its hardware: FingerTec USA’s lineup of time clock models includes compact fingerprint readers, portable and mobile devices, and even wireless time clocks. Still, the value of a FingerTec USA biometric time clock goes beyond the device and extends to the intuitive, user-friendly software included with each model: TCMS V2. This software is a comprehensive suite of management tools designed to help business leaders accurately track employee hours across one or more FingerTec USA terminals. TCMS V2 aggregates all time attendance data collected by FingerTec terminals and presents this key employee information to managers through an easily-navigated central portal.

Using TCMS V2’s full functionality streamlines the human resources tasks that keep every business running, allowing managers to cut costs and save both time and financial resources. TCMS V2 is just one way that FingerTec USA provides its customers additional value to help businesses meet their company goals. Browse the time clocks to find the model that best suits your needs, secure in the knowledge that you’ll be able to use TCMS V2 to customize this groundbreaking technology.

Biometric Time Clocks, FingerTec USA

Door Lock Attendance Control Systems from FingerTec USA

door fingerprint lockSecurity is a top priority for many of the businesses at the forefront of the corporate world. Every business has something on the premises worth protecting, whether it’s proprietary data, on-site material resources, or simply the personnel working at the office. At FingerTec USA, the main focus of our biometric time clocks is attendance and employee management. Our time clocks integrate with existing systems to provide managers a full suite of human resources tools. Still, beyond their function as advanced and powerful biometric time clocks, many of our models are ideal for use as access control. Our security technology can ensure only those permitted to enter a restricted area are able to gain access.

Fingerprint door lock models use biometric data, the most secure type available, to determine access eligibility. At the same time, these models offer employees the greatest possible convenience: depending on the settings the manager chooses, workers may not need to remember a code or possess a key to enter. In some cases, they’ll simply have to scan their fingerprint or provide other biometric data in order to pass through the locked door. Biometric information is impractical to falsify and impossible to forget at home or misplace: fingerprint door locks and similar technology are the best solution for employees and the best protection against unwanted access.


Biometric Time Clocks with Facial Recognition Functionality

facial recognition softwareBiometric time clocks use the most secure data available to regulate access and keep track of employee attendance: the basic physical characteristics of every employee. Practically impossible to falsify, forget, or misplace, biometric data ensures that every individual allowed access to a restricted area or permitted to log hours in the office system is authorized. FingerTec USA is the leading designer and retailer of biometric time clock systems designed to help businesses of any size achieve more direct and intuitive control over employee data. While many of our company’s models incorporate multiple means of analyzing data and authorizing individuals, only the most advanced incorporate the latest facial recognition technology. The most modernized offices are beginning to demand a contact-free, secure solution for access control, and FingerTec USA models like the Face ID 3 are meeting that demand with stylish design, intuitive function, and reliable recognition features.

FingerTec USA supports its state-of-the-art time clock models with exemplary customer service, available training and tech support plans, and limited-time discounts that make shopping the site’s online store as rewarding as it is enjoyable. Visit FingerTec USA today to view more models like the Face ID 3 and contact a company representative to find recommendations tailored to the needs of your business.

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Discover RFID Time Clocks: FingerTec USA’s Timeline 100

finger scannerFingerTec USA is best known for highly advanced biometric time clocks that leverage new developments in security technology to provide business leaders the optimal tools for personnel management. While fingerprint time clocks, facial recognition time clocks, and other access control offer new and exciting opportunities to managers, more traditional time clocks also have an important place in the business world. RFID time clock models combine the power of the latest technology with a badge access system that will be familiar to any punch card user. The Timeline 100 is the standout RFID model available from FingerTec USA, with a wide array of helpful features and a highly competitive price point.

Designed to be cost-effective and affordable, the Timeline 100 is perfect for those who wish to simply update and modernize their standard time clock systems on a conservative budget. The Timeline 100 allows managers to require a combination of credentials in order to verify access eligibility: the unit can prompt employees for both their RFID badges as well as their passcodes. The Timeline 100 also includes FingerTec USA’s workcodes feature, which allows employees to report their whereabouts and enjoy greater independence. User-friendly and equipped with powerful data management utilities, the Timeline 100 is a great introduction to FingerTec USA’s acclaimed line of time clocks.

Biometric Time Clocks, FingerTec USA

Wireless Fingerprint Time Clock Solutions

time track softwareFingerprint time clocks and other advanced personnel management technology offer business leaders a powerful tool for streamlining everyday workplace operations. Biometric time clocks rely on the most secure and convenient data available to control access to restricted areas as well as log accurate, actionable information about employee attendance and schedules. Almost any business can cut costs and improve efficiency with biometric technology, but some workplaces present unique challenges for implementing high-tech time clock models. For offices with unusual floor plans or particular access needs, FingerTec USA creates some of the most fully-featured, powerful, and advanced time clock units available: wireless time clocks.

The TA200 Plus W is among our company’s bestselling wireless models. This fingerprint time clock easily connects to Wi-Fi networks and allows seamless transfer of all employee data. This device is designed for maximum on-board storage capacity and features the latest fingerprint scanning algorithms to ensure accuracy in every scan. With additional organizational features such as work codes and message display, the TA200 Plus W is an all-in-one solution suitable for any business that needs reliable and accessible employee data. FingerTec USA’s experts can help with recommendations, installation, and more, so visit the site today and contact a representative to learn more about available wireless models including the TA200 Plus W.

Biometric Time Clocks, FingerTec USA

Ultra-Modern Access Control: FingerTec USA’s AC900

fingerprint door lockAccess control is a priority for businesses that deal with valuable materials, have significant resources on-site, or need to protect their personnel: in short, a diverse majority of today’s leading companies. Many businesses that incorporate security technology into their offices and workplaces have not yet explored systems that offer peak efficiency and optimal function, but a growing number are teaming up with companies like ours to implement biometric time clocks and other high-tech solutions. At FingerTec USA, we focus our expertise on designing the best time clocks on the market, incorporating the latest advances in biometric systems into each model. We also reward the companies that trust us as a partner in success with limited-time offers and discounts on our biometric time clock models. Right now we have special prices on a number of featured items in our online store.

One of the featured models enjoying the spotlight right now is the AC900, a fingerprint door lock designed to provide affordable, modern access control to meet the needs of any business. Biometric authentication is more convenient than traditional methods, as authorized employees will not need to remember a code or carry a card in order to enter the building. It’s also more secure, as passwords can be distributed to unauthorized personnel, keys can be copied, or key cards can be lost. The AC900 is hassle-free, easy to install, and versatile, with multiple authentication options available to the user. It’s also a fully-featured time attendance system powered by the most reliable data available: physical biometric data.

Visit the store and browse our inventory to learn more about the AC900 and similar models from FingerTec USA.

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Air India Jumps On The Biometric Time Clock Bandwagon

biometic time clocks now being used Air India’s senior officials have announced the roll out of biometric time clocks for attendance monitoring. According to the airline’s top officials, the implementation of the biometric time clock system will “ensure the identity of the employees and data on their attendance in a computerized format.”

This announcement comes on the heels of the discovery of significant misuse of the mandatory time punch cards that were instituted in 2007. Officials discovered that the system was being blatantly misused by employees who neglected to show up for work. As a result, Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati has instructed the airline to do whatever it takes to ensure employees show up for work, and show up on time regularly. After researching the various methods of employee attendance management, Air India discovered biometric time clocks and settled on the new technology to solve their problem. The fingerprint technology will allow employers to eliminate the possibility of coworkers punching each other in and out without repercussion or consequence. Furthermore, Pusapati is hopeful that the new system will help keep him informed as to the profitability of the various routes of service the airline flies.

Air India has been instructed to implement a set of 20 rules that will streamline operation and ensure adequate use of the company’s manpower. One such guideline would require Air India to send extra staff to other Civil Aviation Ministry undertaking such as the Airports Authority of India. Air India and country officials are hopeful that this new system will ensure attendance and punctuality, increase productivity and spotlight ways to improve the finances of the major airline.

If employee time card misuse sounds all too familiar to you, visit our site to learn how a biometric time clock might be the answer to your problem.

Biometric Time Clocks, Finger Scanner, FingerTec USA

Go Wireless with the Q2i W

Want to go wireless with your fingerprint time clock? We have a solution! The Q2i W time attendance and access control system has a wireless connection option on request to connect your data. Just connect the device to your WiFi network and you’ll have the data from the time clock on your screen in just seconds. With the Q2i W, you have the ultimate control.

Wireless options for the Q2i W are:

  • Q2i W Wireless Time Attendance and AccessWiFi
  • GPRS
  • 3G

If you decide not to use the wireless features, there are a number of traditional connection options as well:

  • TCP/IP
  • RS232
  • RS285
  • USB flash disk

No matter what type of syncing connectivity you choose, the Q2i W has a range of features, including a large storage capacity, workcodes, and much more. We recommend matching the Q2i W with Ingress software for the best performance. View the Q2i W brochure to get the full details about this fingerprint time clock.

If you’re looking for just time tracking and not the security feature of access control, check out the TA200 Plus W, which also runs on wireless networks.

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How Facial Recognition Software Works

How does facial recognition work? That’s a question that many people ask when they first hear about facial recognition software. The specifics behind the software elude the average person, so we’re here to explain it!

Recently, the FingerTec USA blog has covered a similar question, concerning how fingerprint recognition software works. Facial recognition isn’t too different. It’s not actually an image of your face that’s recorded, it’s a numerical code. There are certain features of your face that the software measures, from the distance between your eyes to the length of your jaw to the width of your nose and beyond. These distances are then converted into a code. It’s a one-way system. The code cannot recreate a face. It is this “faceprint” in numerical form that the software runs through its database to check for matches.
facial recognition softwareFingerTec USA has a few facial recognition time clocks and access control systems. The Face ID 2, pictured here, is a high resolutions infrared camera that takes just two seconds to verify your identity. It’s one of the easier ways to clock in or gain access as you don’t have to put down what you’re carrying. For even higher security, you also have the option to add a fingerprint scan as a second form of verification. To learn more about the Face ID 2, just click the image to the right.


Biometric Time Clocks, Finger Scanner, FingerTec USA

The TA300 Is On Sale!


Small and medium companies – now’s the time to get a new time clock! FingerTec’s TA300 has been marked down from $349 to $299. That’s a 14% discount!

The TA 300 is ideal for the following types of businesses:

  • Construction
  • Tuition centers
  • Training centers
  • Other “on-the-go” industries

Why these businesses in particular? The TA300 does not require installation in one location and can be taken to various sites, as needed. It has a battery that lasts for five hours, so even if there isn’t a power source, the TA300 can run. Employees clock in when they arrive and clock out at the end of the day. The data can then be downloaded via USB.

When you’re at an off-site location, keeping track of your employees can be very difficult. Using a traditional paper system, it’s easy for employees to lie if they’re late or ask a friend to do it for them – but not with a fingerprint scanner! Your attendance records and payroll will be more reliable and accurate with a biometric time clock on site.

If you’re looking for another type of biometric access control or time clock product, FingerTec USA has also discounted the AC900, Keylock 7700, i-Kadex, and R2C. Visit to see all sale items!