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Air India Jumps On The Biometric Time Clock Bandwagon

biometic time clocks now being used Air India’s senior officials have announced the roll out of biometric time clocks for attendance monitoring. According to the airline’s top officials, the implementation of the biometric time clock system will “ensure the identity of the employees and data on their attendance in a computerized format.”

This announcement comes on the heels of the discovery of significant misuse of the mandatory time punch cards that were instituted in 2007. Officials discovered that the system was being blatantly misused by employees who neglected to show up for work. As a result, Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati has instructed the airline to do whatever it takes to ensure employees show up for work, and show up on time regularly. After researching the various methods of employee attendance management, Air India discovered biometric time clocks and settled on the new technology to solve their problem. The fingerprint technology will allow employers to eliminate the possibility of coworkers punching each other in and out without repercussion or consequence. Furthermore, Pusapati is hopeful that the new system will help keep him informed as to the profitability of the various routes of service the airline flies.

Air India has been instructed to implement a set of 20 rules that will streamline operation and ensure adequate use of the company’s manpower. One such guideline would require Air India to send extra staff to other Civil Aviation Ministry undertaking such as the Airports Authority of India. Air India and country officials are hopeful that this new system will ensure attendance and punctuality, increase productivity and spotlight ways to improve the finances of the major airline.

If employee time card misuse sounds all too familiar to you, visit our site to learn how a biometric time clock might be the answer to your problem.

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Go Wireless with the Q2i W

Want to go wireless with your fingerprint time clock? We have a solution! The Q2i W time attendance and access control system has a wireless connection option on request to connect your data. Just connect the device to your WiFi network and you’ll have the data from the time clock on your screen in just seconds. With the Q2i W, you have the ultimate control.

Wireless options for the Q2i W are:

  • Q2i W Wireless Time Attendance and AccessWiFi
  • GPRS
  • 3G

If you decide not to use the wireless features, there are a number of traditional connection options as well:

  • TCP/IP
  • RS232
  • RS285
  • USB flash disk

No matter what type of syncing connectivity you choose, the Q2i W has a range of features, including a large storage capacity, workcodes, and much more. We recommend matching the Q2i W with Ingress software for the best performance. View the Q2i W brochure to get the full details about this fingerprint time clock.

If you’re looking for just time tracking and not the security feature of access control, check out the TA200 Plus W, which also runs on wireless networks.

Biometric Time Clocks

How Facial Recognition Software Works

How does facial recognition work? That’s a question that many people ask when they first hear about facial recognition software. The specifics behind the software elude the average person, so we’re here to explain it!

Recently, the FingerTec USA blog has covered a similar question, concerning how fingerprint recognition software works. Facial recognition isn’t too different. It’s not actually an image of your face that’s recorded, it’s a numerical code. There are certain features of your face that the software measures, from the distance between your eyes to the length of your jaw to the width of your nose and beyond. These distances are then converted into a code. It’s a one-way system. The code cannot recreate a face. It is this “faceprint” in numerical form that the software runs through its database to check for matches.
facial recognition softwareFingerTec USA has a few facial recognition time clocks and access control systems. The Face ID 2, pictured here, is a high resolutions infrared camera that takes just two seconds to verify your identity. It’s one of the easier ways to clock in or gain access as you don’t have to put down what you’re carrying. For even higher security, you also have the option to add a fingerprint scan as a second form of verification. To learn more about the Face ID 2, just click the image to the right.


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The TA300 Is On Sale!


Small and medium companies – now’s the time to get a new time clock! FingerTec’s TA300 has been marked down from $349 to $299. That’s a 14% discount!

The TA 300 is ideal for the following types of businesses:

  • Construction
  • Tuition centers
  • Training centers
  • Other “on-the-go” industries

Why these businesses in particular? The TA300 does not require installation in one location and can be taken to various sites, as needed. It has a battery that lasts for five hours, so even if there isn’t a power source, the TA300 can run. Employees clock in when they arrive and clock out at the end of the day. The data can then be downloaded via USB.

When you’re at an off-site location, keeping track of your employees can be very difficult. Using a traditional paper system, it’s easy for employees to lie if they’re late or ask a friend to do it for them – but not with a fingerprint scanner! Your attendance records and payroll will be more reliable and accurate with a biometric time clock on site.

If you’re looking for another type of biometric access control or time clock product, FingerTec USA has also discounted the AC900, Keylock 7700, i-Kadex, and R2C. Visit to see all sale items!

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How Encryption Works: Fingerprint Scanner Security

fingerprint scannerToday we’re going to address a misconception about fingerprint scans and the effectiveness of their security. One common concern that people have when it comes to fingerprint scans is: what if someone hacks into the system and takes the image of my fingerprint? This concern is unwarrented because an image of the fingerprint is not actually stored.

Well, what is saved then? When the scanner records your fingerprint, it determines the patterns of ridges and valleys, which are unique to every fingerprint. This pattern is transformed into an encrypted binary code, that will look something like “01100100101000001…” and that mathematical representation is stored for each person in the system. Basically, it creates a really long, complicated password based on the lines on your finger.

Every time you use the fingerprint scanner, it converts your fingerprint into a code using the same method. Then it searches through its catalogue of codes to see if it finds a match.

The next question is likely: can the password be reconverted into an image of my finger? The answer is a resounding no. Your fingerprint is still only yours.

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Benefits of Time Attendance Systems

FingerTec USABusiness News Daily recently featured a great article about the pros of switching over to a digital time attendance system. The benefits don’t just affect one person or one department in the company – everyone is positively affected.

The financial benefits come in several parts. A digital time clock allows for informed oversight of employee costs and job costs. With a streamlined payroll process, companies usually save between three and five percent of payroll costs. Any changes to the time sheet are very simple to make, so that employees can devote themselves to other tasks. This eliminates unneeded employees, which is also a cost-savings measure.

An easy, accurate time attendance system also makes for happy employees. People love being paid on time and getting right right amount in their paycheck. It’s also easy to track things like paid time off. The flexibility and control that the employee has over his or her time tracking leaves less room for frustration.

Increased productivity is also an effect of making the switch to a new attendance system. People spend less time on administration tasks associated with time tracking and they are encouraged to make the best use of their time.


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Why You Should Trust Biometrics for Your Access Control

It’s natural to be a bit skeptical about trusting biometric security at first. After all, most of us aren’t experts in biometric technology! However, experts in security in various industries around the world have been approving biometrics as means of identification and security. Here are a few ways that biometric data is being used:

  • facial recognition softwareBiometrics is starting to replace bank cards in several countries, including Japan, Australia, and Mexico. There is even a new app coming to the iPhone for biometric mobile banking.
  • Voting in a number of countries from India to Tanzania has gone biometric.
  • Luxury stores are using facial recognition software to alert staff of when VIP clientele enter the store.
  • Colleges are using biometric data to combat cheating on exams by verifying the identity of the test-taker.
  • Certain airports in the U.S. are using biometric data for border control and travel security. Australia and Brazil are two more countries that have recently added these measures.

If all of these industries around the world are trusting biometrics, so should you! This article stipulates that in just five years, 5.5 billion people will be using biometrics. You can enhance your security now with biometric access control from FingerTec USA. Learn more at

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Biometric Time Clocks for Summer Jobs

Wireless Time ClockDuring the summer, many industries experience an increased workforce as high school and college students are looking for employment during their time off. Getting fingerprint time clocks will make it easy to track their hours and ensure that friends aren’t punching each other in, costing you money.

There are several industries in particular that should consider getting fingerprint time clocks for summer employees:

  • Restaurants and fast food establishments are popular choices for young people, as being on the wait staff does not require education. During the summer, business also booms as more people go out to eat and socialize.
  • One job that exists only during this time of year is that of a summer camp counselor. Oftentimes, employees work different sessions throughout the summer or take time for vacations, making the need to track time accurately even more imperative.
  • Jobs in the hospitality industry also boom during the summer as hotels and other places need full staff to accommodate the number of visitors.

Of course, there are many other popular summertime industries where employers can get a great value out of fingerprint time clocks. Visit to find the ideal solution for your business.

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3 Awesome Accessories for Fingerprint Door Locks

Planning to get a fingerprint door lock from FingerTec USA? Don’t forget to check out the accessories! Here are a few of our top picks to enhance your access control system from FingerTec USA.

The Drop Bolt AL100/AL300 is $129. With this locking system a bold protrudes from the lock to the strike plate on the door frame with power. If there is a power failure, the bold retracts automatically. Click on the image below for details.

drop bolt

The 210MF and 201M Door Strike are each $75. These electric strikes replace the usual fixed strike faceplate , giving it the added featured of being able to be pushed open from the outside with a command. Click on the image below for more information.

door strike


The E3 Contactless Push Release Button is $59. This touch-free exit sensor allows people to exit without direct contact as an extra for the fingerprint standalone access terminals. Click the image below to learn more about this product.

contactless push release button


Visit to see more accessories from FingerTec USA.

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Facial Recognition Becoming More Accurate

face scannerA recent report by Patrick Grother and Mei Ngan, Performance of Face Identification Algorithms, shows that in the past few years, facial recognition technology has improved by 30% since 2010. That’s great news for security!

The accuracy of the facial recognition technology as well as time that it takes to match a face was measured and compared to results from 2010. The tests used one-to-many identification, in which the one face is compared to those in a database, one of 1.6 million images in this case!

FingerTec’s facial recognition systems provide access control, but there are a number of other uses, from detecting fraud and criminal investigations to social media tagging and lookalike discovery.

In the study, the images that performed best were high-quality ISO standardized images, unsurprisingly. Webcam images and images in uncontrolled environments performed poorly.

Other results of the study show that the rates of missing facial matches increase as the database size increases, but at a very slow rate. It was also discovered that it’s easier to match images of older people than younger people.

Visit to learn more about our biometric time clocks and security systems.